CCF Executive Management Committee

CCF Executive Management Committee

Compute Canada, together with regional partners ACENET, Calcul Québec, Compute Ontario and WestGrid, leads the acceleration of research and innovation by deploying state-of-the-art advanced research computing (ARC) systems, storage and software solutions. 

Comprised of Compute Canada CEO and Regional Directors, the CCF Executive Management Committee (EMC) is responsible for operational coordination and oversight of Canada’s national ARC platform.

Robbin Tourangeau,
President & CEO, Compute Canada

Robbin Tourangeau, President & CEO, Compute Canada

Robbin has worked in the field of public policy and advocacy for the last 20 years, providing strategic advice and leading the development of a number of important initiatives and programmes both inside and outside government.

Most recently, Robbin served as the Founding Executive Director of the Leadership Council for Digital Infrastructure (LCDRI). Prior to working at LCDRI, Robbin spent ten years at the Council of Ontario Universities (COU) where she worked with the Vice-Presidents of Research from Ontario’s 21 institutions on issues related to research and innovation.

Ranil Sonnadara,
Interim President and CEO, Compute Ontario

Ranil Sonnadara, Interim President and CEO, Compute Ontario

Ranil is a behavioural neuroscientist, composer and sound designer by training, with a special interest in how our experiences shape our sensory and motor systems. His research focuses on the science and creativity that underpins human performance in all its forms, and uses a variety of behavioural and modelling techniques. He holds academic appointments at McMaster University, the University of Toronto, and the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

John Longbottom,
Chief Executive Director, Westgrid

John Longbottom, Chief Executive Director, Westgrid

John brings a wealth of experience across the telecommunications, utilities, government, and insurance sectors, having previously held senior positions in sales, marketing, and general management.

Prior to joining WestGrid, John led IBM Canada’s innovation strategy in Western Canada, including its Smarter Cities initiative, which focused on creating value through new information technology (IT) models, agile development, and alignment of partner capabilities from industry, government, academia, research, and start-up companies and organizations.

Suzanne Talon,
Executive Director, Calcul Québec

Suzanne Talon, Executive Director, Calcul Québec

Suzanne Talon currently holds the position of Executive Director at Calcul Québec.

She played a major role in the creation of this regional organization that brings together all major Québec Universities Advanced Research Computing (ARC) efforts. Prior to this, Suzanne was Assistant Director of the Réseau québécois de calcul de haute performance (RQCHP) as well as Technical Site Lead for Université de Montréal’s HPC team. She obtained her PhD in Astrophysics from Université Paris VII and during a decade of research, developed pioneering ideas in the field of angular momentum transport by waves, building theoretical and numerical models to understand the transport of angular momentum and elements in stars.

Greg Lukeman,

Greg Lukeman, CEO, ACENET

Greg has been involved with HPC for 18 years, either as a user, systems administrator, or managing executive.

As the Chief Technology Officer for ACENET from 2007 to 2019, Greg guided the creation of ACENET, its technical team, and its computing resources. He has been a participant in the evolution of Compute Canada since its inception, representing Atlantic Canada on the Technology Leadership Council, numerous committees and various working groups. He represented Atlantic Canada on the ARC working group of the Leadership Council on Digital Research Infrastructure (LCDRI), the group that prepared the report for the federal government that resulted in significant new funding for digital research infrastructure in Canada.