National Councils

The Compute Canada Federation (CCF) has created four national leadership councils and two committees that are critical to the coordination and management of Canada’s national Advanced Research Computing platform.

All national scientific or technical teams report to the Science Leadership Council (SLC), the Council of Chief Technology Officers (CoCTOs) or the National Security Council (NSC). These councils, along with the Finance Committee and the Communications Working Group, report to the CCF’s Executive Management Committee (EMC).

Table of contents:

  1. Scientific Leadership Council (SLC)
  2. Technological Leadership Council (TLC)
  3. National Security Council (NSC)
  4. Council of Chief Technology Officers (CoCTOs)
  5. Finance Committee
  6. Communications Working Group

Science Leadership Council (SLC)

The Scientific Leadership Council (SLC) is a coordinating body for the activities, groups and policies within the CCF that support the research activities of CCF users. The SLC engages in discussion about current and future needs of users, and communicates as needed with the Council of Chief Technology Officers (CoCTOs), the Technology Leadership Council (TLC), other teams, and both researchers supported by the CCF and like-minded organizations. It is chaired by the Compute Canada Chief Science Officer (CSO) or designee. The SLC Chair is a member of the TLC and vice-versa.

Members and roles:

  • John Simpson, Chair (Compute Canada)
  • Megan Lobay, Humanities and Social Sciences National Team Lead (University of British Columbia)
  • Jason Hlady, Research Data Management National Team Lead (University of Saskatchewan)
  • Oliver Stueker, Biomolecular Simulation National Team Lead (Memorial University)
  • Leslie Groer, Subatomic Physics National Team Lead (University of Toronto)
  • José Sergio Hleap, Bioinformatics National Team Lead (University of Guelph)
  • Garth Evans, Collaboration National Team Co-Lead (University of British Columbia)
  • Malcom Petch, Collaboration National Team Co-Lead (University of British Columbia)
  • Alex Razoumov, Visualization Working Group Lead (WestGrid)
  • Sergey Mashchenko, Training Coordination National Team Lead (McMaster University)
  • Pawel Pomorski, Accelerator Working Group Lead (University of Waterloo)
  • Ines Hessler, Ex Officio, ACENET Representative (ACENET)
  • Patrick Mann, Ex Officio, Chair TLC , (Compute Canada)
  • Maxime Boissonneault, Ex Officio, Research Support National Team Lead (Université Laval)
  • Tessa Derksen, Ex Officio, Communications Working Group Representative (Compute Canada)
  • Eduardo Fuenmayor, Ex Officio, Scientific Project Manager, (Compute Canada)
  • Jean Roberth (JR) Souza, Ex Officio, Support Person (Compute Canada)

Technological Leadership Council (TLC)

Compute Canada’s Technological Leadership Council (TLC) has broad oversight for operations and planning within Compute Canada. The TLC pursues Compute Canada’s Vision: To make Canada a world leader in the use of advanced computing for research, discovery and innovation. Membership includes the regional Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), the Compute Canada CTO, team leads of national systems, various operational team leads and liaison positions for the SLC chair, Communications Working Group chair and others. It is chaired by the Compute Canada CTO.

Membership and Roles:

  • Patrick Mann, Chair and WestGrid Representative (WestGrid)
  • Ines Hessler, ACENET Representative 
  • Victor Ionescu, Calcul Québec Representative 
  • Chris Loken, Compute Ontario Representative 
  • Karl Vollmer, Automation and Configuration Management National Team Lead (Dalhousie University)
  • Ryan Enge, National Site Team Lead and Cloud National Team Lead (University of Victoria)
  • Ryan Taylor, CERN Virtual Machine File System National Team Lead (University of Victoria)
  • Sergiy Stepanko, Globus National Team Lead (University of Saskatchewan)
  • Sergiy Khan, Infrastructure Operations National Team Lead (Saint Mary’s University)
  • Mark Hahn, Monitoring National Team Lead (McMaster University)
  • Martin Siegert, National Site Team Lead – Cedar (Simon Fraser University)
  • Daniel Gruner, National Site Team Lead – Niagara (University of Toronto)
  • John Morton, National Site Team Lead  – Graham (University of Guelph)
  • Florent Parent, Networking National Team Lead (Laval University)
  • Maxime Boissonneault, Research Support National Team Lead (Laval University)
  • Kamil Marcinkowski, Scheduler National Team Lead (University of Alberta)
  • Jaime Pinto, Storage National Team Lead (University of Toronto)
  • John Simpson, (ex officio) Chair , Science Leadership Council (Compute Canada)
  • Jeff Gardiner, Chair, National Security Council (Compute Canada)
  • Leslie Groer, Subatomic Physics National Team Lead (University of Toronto)
  • Tessa Derksen, Communication Working Group representative (Compute Canada) 
  • Cristian Gergely, National Site Team Lead –  Béluga (Calcul Québec)
  • (Vacant), Middleware Infrastructure National Team Lead

National Security Council (NSC)

The National Security Council (NSC) brings together experts in security to engage in development and review of security policy and practices. These include privacy, data retention, operational security and other aspects of security implementation. The NSC also provides input and guidance on emergent issues, such as policy gaps, security incident response and stakeholder interaction. The NSC is chaired by the Compute Canada Director of Cybersecurity.

Membership and Roles:

  • Jeff Gardiner, (Compute Canada)
  • Jonathan Ferland, (Calcul Québec)
  • Scott Baker, (University of British Columbia)
  • Raphaelle Gauriau, (SciNET)
  • Darcy Hodgson, (University of Waterloo)
  • Jessica Han, (ACENET)
  • Ryan McRonald, (University of Victoria / WestGrid)
  • Benjamin Reid, (Simon Fraser University)


  • Robbie MacGregor, (ACENET) 
  • Patrick Mann, (Compute Canada)
  • John Simpson, (Compute Canada)

You can find more details on the NSC’s work on this page.

Council of Chief Technology Officers (CoCTOs)

The Council of Chief Technology Officers (CoCTOs) coordinates the technical activities of the regions. Regional CTOs  from WestGrid, Compute Ontario, Calcul Québec and ACENET sit on the TLC). They are the primary channel of communication between the TLC and their region’s member institutions. Regional CTOs are appointed by each region and may have other responsibilities to that region.


  • Ines Hessler (ACENET)
  • Victor Ionescu (Calcul Québec) 
  • Chris Loken (Compute Ontario)
  • Patrick Mann, Chair (WestGrid)  

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee has responsibility for the CCF’s financial planning and reporting. This includes developing annual budgets, periodic reports to the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and other groups, preparing budget justifications, handling out-of-round budgeting, and other roles in the budgeting environment. It is chaired by the Compute Canada Director of Finance.


  • Megan Allen (WestGrid)
  • Matthew Little, Chair (Compute Canada) 
  • Cindy Munro (Compute Ontario) 
  • Sheldon Pike, (ACENET)  
  • Romina Teran (Calcul Québec) 

Communications Working Group

The Communications Working Group has broad responsibilities for internal and external communication, working closely with internal stakeholders across the CCF to ensure timely, accurate, and consistent communication to users. It has a rotating Chair and members sit on various national teams.


  • Tessa Derksen (Compute Canada)
  • Michele Fash, (ACENET)
  • Valérie Harvey, (Calcul Québec)
  • Jana Makar (Westgrid)
  • Roohi Shaikh, (Compute Ontario)