Economic Benefits / Environmental Benefits

Andriy Kovalenko

Andriy Kovalenko’s research group puts the application of nanotechnology to problems of high industrial importance for Canada. His work includes collaborations with Imperial Oil in the hopes of developing improved heavy oil catalytic technologies that remove unwanted properties from oil. Results of this work have been disseminated through several software packages, freely available to other academics. [separator size=”small” center=”true” empty=”false” opaque=”false” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=””] [dropcap style=””]T[/dropcap]his program pursues: (1) fundamental development of multi-scale modelling methodology, capable of prediction of properties and phenomena of real systems that are of global importance for nanoscience; (2) application to nanotechnology problems of high industrial importance for Canada. Compute Canada infrastructure enables application of our state-of-the-art multiscale modelling tools to real-life systems. Applications span over a range of in chemical, biomolecular and health areas, including such systems and processes as cellulose nanocrystal-based nanomaterials, conversion of biomass into high-value chemicals and fuels, bitumen extraction and upgrading, electrical energy storage for smart grids with nanoporous carbon from biochar, metabolite biosensors for profiling in body fluids and immunotherapy for neurodegenerative diseases.