Economic Benefits / Environmental Benefits

David Zingg

David Zingg’s research informs aircraft design by making it more fuel efficient. He is working with Bombardier, through a Green Aviation R&D Network (GARDN) initiative to make this a reality. He has put to use two pieces of software: Diablo (a flow solver) and Jetstream (optimization code). The two pieces of software have been applied to the design of various wings and aircraft configurations. [separator size=”small” center=”true” empty=”false” opaque=”false” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=””] [dropcap style=””]T[/dropcap]his research is focused on developing and applying computational tools to contribute to the design of future aircraft in order to meet the twin challenges of rising fuel costs and environmental concerns. Compute Canada infrastructure provides the necessary computational resources to run large-scale CFD simulations required for analysis and optimization of aircraft configurations. Recently, our flow solver, Diablo, was compared with the best flow solvers in the world through our participation in the 5th annual Drag Prediction Workshop. The results show that Diablo is an accurate and efficient flow solver, comparable to NASA’s best solvers when applied to complex aerodynamic flows. This research has the potential to impact Canadians by advancing the state-of-the-art in aircraft design techniques and by contributing to the research and development efforts of the Canadian aerospace industry. Due to its computationally intensive nature, our work would not be possible without Compute Canada’s computing resources, which are capable of handling large-scale scientific calculations.