An Introduction to Scientific Computing with Python

An Introduction to Scientific Computing with Python by N.M. Abukhdeir (University of Waterloo, SHARCNET)
7-8:30pm on August 30, 2012
Engineering 6 (E6), room 4022, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON N2L 3E9
Those working in the field of science and engineering frequently employ some form of scientific computing to capture, create, postprocess, and/or visualize data. Many high-level numerical computing environments are used for these activities, and over the past decade a new one has emerged: Python. In this talk the basic elements of scientific computing with Python will be surveyed. These include modular extensions to the core Python language: NumPy (core numerics), SciPy (specialized “toolboxes”), matplotlib (plotting and visualization), and (interactive) iPython. A series of short examples will be presented to demonstrate the usage of scientific Python including: * creation and manipulation of arrays and matrices – linear algebra.* curve fitting and plotting sample data. * solving a differential equation. * image processing – filtering, segmentation, and feature identification.
Coffee and pastries will be provided.

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