“An introduction to MPLAPACK, a multi-precision linear algebra library” (Compute Ontario Colloquium)

Topic: “An introduction to MPLAPACK, a multi-precision linear algebra library
Speaker: Ge Baolai, SHARCNET
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MPLAPACK is a complete multiple-precision implementation of LAPACK – the linear algebra package for solving systems of simultaneous linear equations, least-squares solutions of linear systems of equations, eigenvalue problems, and singular value problems. LAPACK was written with a fixed specific precision for various routines. MPLAPACK is a rewrite of LAPACK routines supporting multiple precision. This talk introduces MPLAPACK and describes how to use it under Linux and Windows.

The Compute Ontario Colloquia are weekly Zoom presentations on Advanced Research Computing, High Performance Computing, Research Data Management, and Research Software topics, delivered by staff from three Compute Ontario consortia (CAC, SciNet, SHARCNET) and guest speakers. The series began January 2023 and superseded similar series previously delivered by individual consortia (e.g. General Interest Seminars by SHARCNET or User Group Meeting TechTalks by SciNet). The colloquia are one hour long and include time for questions. No registration is required. Presentations are usually recorded and uploaded to the hosting consortium video channel (colloquia hosted by SHARCNET go to our youtube channel).

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