Graham office hours

Dates: Friday, June 23, and every day during the week of June 26-30.
Time: 13:00 – 14:00 EST
Speaker: James Desjardins, SHARCNET
Webinar link: SN-Seminars Vidyo room


The massive state of the art “Graham” general purpose cluster at the University of Waterloo is now available for researcher testing. The usage of this new national supercomputer is similar to what SHARCNET users are familiar with on our other general purpose clusters, however there are some important differences. This informal online discussion (office hour) starts with a brief demonstration of performing typical tasks on Graham (about 20 minutes). The demonstration includes logging into Graham, exploring the file systems, compiling basic programs, working with modules, running jobs via the SLURM scheduler, running interactive jobs (instead of using development nodes), finding documentation and getting help. Following the demonstration staff will stay online for the remainder of the hour to discuss basic usage topics in order to help researchers transition their work on to the new national general purpose clusters.

The intention is that this will provide an informal “office hour” type of session for users. No registration is required and researchers should feel free to join the room at any point during these one hour sessions to ask questions or contribute to the discussions.

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