Video conferencing link: SN-Seminars Vidyo room
If the browser link does not work for you, there are instructions for installing the more functional and robust desktop client on our wiki here

The times are for Eastern Time (Toronto).

The HELP DESK events are intended to provide researchers with an avenue for informal discussions with SHARCNET staff about HPC resources and usage. These frequent events can include demonstrations of performing typical tasks on our clusters, help with transitioning work flows from typical SHARCNET systems to the new national general purpose systems, discussions about diagnosing specific issues, guidance in submitting tickets for complex issues, etc.

The intention is that this will provide an informal “office hour” type of session for users. No registration is required and researchers should feel free to join the video conference room at any point during these one hour sessions to ask questions or contribute to the discussions.

In order to receive audio/video you will need to install the Vidyo plugin (Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android), which should download automatically when you follow the above link. Additional information is available in our Help Wiki. If you run into problems, please email


It is highly recommended that you join a few minutes early to ensure everything is working before the meeting starts.

No tickets available.