Interdisciplinary Workshop on Geospatial Computing

Interdisciplinary Workshop on Geospatial Computing, November 20 & 21, 2014 at The Museum, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Geospatial data analysis is fundamental to a number of fields: engineering, environmental science, agriculture, sociology, economics, to name a few. Collection through sensors, storage and tools for processing, analyzing and visualizing spatial-data are growing in number, scope and user base. However, tools and applications of geospatial data are developed by many different communities both in academia and industry and in many cases there is a gap in knowledge transfer across communities. Communities may be defined by field (e.g. geomatics, geostatistics, remote sensing, machine learning, water resources, etc.), by software platform/language (e.g. R, Python, specific GIS platforms, etc.), or by region. This workshop aims to connect communities of geospatial developers, data scientists and consumers of analytical tools from industry and academia to interact, share knowledge and forge new partnerships.

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