Intro to ARC series: “Introduction to C++”

This course is a part of SHARCNET’s ongoing “Introduction to Advanced Research Computing” series of online courses for 2021-2022. Compute Canada account is required to enroll.To register for any of the courses:

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Course Syllabus:

Many programs claim to be C++ programs turn out, upon examination, to be programs that mostly/exclusively use C constructs. While this is a valid way to use C++, it is better to write programs to leverage the features of the C++ language and the C++ Standard Library. Writing such code will result in shorter, faster, and more robust code that is easier to maintain and update.

This course will (briefly) introduce the C++ language and will discuss modern C++ concurrent programming. (Aspects of this course some will find relevant to other IntroARC courses as well, e.g., CMake (which is commonly used to easily build larger C++ programs), Fortran (which is commonly used to with C++ in mixed language programs), and MPI (which is commonly used to run (parallel) programs across a number of nodes/computers).

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