Intro to ARC series: “Introduction to CMake”

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Course Syllabus:

CMake is a cross-platform, open-source software tool used to automate the building, testing, packaging, and installation of software. It is independent of the programming language and tools used although it is most commonly used to with C, C++, and most recently Fortran code. CMake is particularly nice since it determines for a number of programming languages the dependencies between various files, e.g., header and source files, in order to properly build the software/documentation and to minimize the amount of work required to build such.

This course will introduce CMake as well how to write, run, and test CMake scripts. Especially if you are manually building your programs by hand or are experiencing difficulties using shell scripts, it is worth exploring how to use tools such as CMake to make this much easier and much less error-prone to do.

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