Intro to ARC series: “Introduction to the Shell”

This course is a part of SHARCNET’s ongoing “Introduction to Advanced Research Computing” series of online courses for 2021-2022. Compute Canada account is required to enroll.To register for any of the courses:

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Course Syllabus:

Shells on Linux, Unix, and other POSIX operating systems are fundamental tools providing access to and control of software. Shells present to the user a command line driven text interface enabling one to interact with a computer using commands typed in. Tasks such as searching files and directories; creating, modifing, renaming, and deleting files and directories; and many other things can be easily achieved. Shells also support a programming language that allows one to execute commands either by manually typing such in or by placing those commands in a file called a shell script so those commands can be run automatically by executing that script.

This course introduces the user to the BASH shell which is the default shell for all account on Compute Canada‘s compute clusters.

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