Introduction to Advanced Research Computing (online course)

On February 8, 2021 SHARCNET started offering our new online course:

     Introduction to Advanced Research Computing (ARC)

This training course is intended to provide an introduction to various topics important for high performance, scientific, and advanced computing research. Topics include (not necessarily in this order):

  • Intro to Linux Shell

  • Intro to Python

  • Intro to R

  • Intro to GPU programming

  • Intro to C++

  • Intro to Fortran

  • Intro to scientific data visualization

  • … (more to follow)

These topics will not be covered in detail, rather, they will be introduced in a way that demonstrates their usefulness and utility. Please talk to us if after completing any of the modules you would want to study the subject in more depth.

This training course will be given weekly, with two one-hour sessions each week:

    – Mondays, 2pm to 3pm EST/EDT:    lectures
    – Thursdays, 2pm to 3pm EST/EDT:  help/tutorial sessions

Only one registration for the whole course is needed. Compute Canada account is required for registration. Once registered, you can attend any modules of your choice. To register:

  • Go to

  • Click the Log in link at the top right-hand side.

  • Log in with your Compute Canada login and password.

  • Under Course Categories, click Courses.

  • Click Introduction to Advanced Research Computing and then click the Enrol button.

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