New User Seminar

Our regular Introduction to SHARCNET Literacy seminar. The seminar provides an overview of available SHARCNET systems, and basic usage information including job submissions/management, queueing policies and available software and support. Attendance at this seminar enables a user to acquire SHARCNET User I certification.


NOTE: You can register for this seminar on the SHARCNET Web Portal ( For the convenience of our user community, new user seminars are delivered using a Webinar format. Shortly before the start of this seminar, you can direct your web browser to the URL provided above. We ask that you use your SHARCNET username as your “Name” to simplify recording who is present.


In order to receive audio/video you will need to either install a plug-in so you can use the VoIP option available within the browser (Windows/Mac only), or use Skype to access the audio stream (which works under linux – note there is no support for video under linux at the moment). Additional information is available in our Help Wiki (

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