Parallel Programming Using OpenMP, MPI and Posix Threads

Workshop Overview:

Introduction to OpenMP:
This workshop introduces the OpenMP compiler directives to scientists who are interested in writing programs for shared-memory parallel computers, or who want to convert existing serial code to parallel

Introduction to MPI:
The Introduction to MPI workshop is directed at programmers and scientists, with a basic background in programming, who want to acquire basic skills in “parallelizing” code for a variety of platforms ranging from multi-processor servers to clusters.

Introduction to Posix Multithreading:
The Introduction to Posix Multithreading workshop is for programmers and scientists with a basic background in C programming, who want to increase the flexibility and responsiveness of their code and take advantage of modern multicore and multi-threaded computer architectures. This is a basic introduction to the Posix Thread Library and its application to the parallelization of C programs.

This workshop will be made available through Compute Canada by broadcasting via Access Grid from our Training Room in Kingston. If you would like to participate remotely, please contact us and we can determine the location closest to you where you can join.

Please refer to the event website for additional details:

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