SHARCNET @ Conestoga Seminar Series

Title: Why Would I Use Graphics Processing Units?

Speaker: Dr. Pawel Pomorski, High Performance Computing Programming Specialist, SHARCNET and Compute Canada

Date/Time: Tuesday, January 27, 17:00 to 18:00

Location: DMB-2A301, Conestoga College, Kitchener

Abstract: Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) can provide a significant speedup for certain types of scientific computations. This seminar will discuss which programs can benefit from this speedup, and how in certain cases it can be obtained without much effort using already existing packages and libraries. Simulation packages already accelerated for the GPU will be discussed, with focus on the Nanoscale Molecular Dynamics (NAMD) program as an example. The use of GPU-enabled numerical libraries useful for common problems will also be discussed. The use of these techniques will be demonstrated with example runs on SHARCNET’s new GPU cluster. While not the focus of this seminar, a brief overview of available programming approaches for GPUs will be also provided.

Bio: Dr. Pawel Pomorski is currently a High Performance Computing Programming Specialist at SHARCNET and Compute Canada, based at University of Waterloo. His scientific expertise covers the areas of condensed matter physics and biophysics. Dr. Pomorski received his Doctor of Philosophy degree in physics from McGill University in 2002, and his undergraduate degree at University of Toronto in 1996.

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