SHARCNET @ Conestoga Seminar Series: “Introduction to SHARCNET”

Title: Introduction to SHARCNET

Speaker: Dr. Pawel Pomorski, High Performance Computing Programming Specialist, SHARCNET and Compute Canada

Date/Time: Monday, November 24, 17:00 to 18:00

Location: DMB-2A301, Conestoga College, Kitchener

Abstract: SHARCNET is a high performance computing (HPC) consortium offering advanced computing resources to universities and colleges across Ontario. These resources include large parallel computing clusters and systems with computational accelerators such as NVIDIA Tesla GPU and Intel Xeon Phi. This talk will provide an introduction to SHARCNET resources and how to obtain access to them. It will also broadly introduce the field of parallel high performance computing, and discuss its challenges and rewards.

Bio: Dr. Pawel Pomorski is currently a High Performance Computing Programming Specialist at SHARCNET and Compute Canada, based at University of Waterloo. His scientific expertise covers the areas of condensed matter physics and biophysics. Dr. Pomorski received his Doctor of Philosophy degree in physics from McGill University in 2002, and his undergraduate degree from University of Toronto in 1996.

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