SHARCNET users @ Mac meeting

Date/time: Tuesday, November 6, 2-3pm
Location: McMaster, Mills Library, Community room

We will hold our usual fall meeting for the local McMaster users of SHARCNET / Compute Canada facilities on Tuesday, November 6, between 2-3pm, in the Community room of the Mills library. This is specifically timed for the National research allocation competition for the year 2019 (the deadline for submission is November 8, see Bring your questions and suggestions on any topics related to SHARCNET, Compute Ontario and Compute Canada – SHARCNET staff will be happy to help you.

Some of the points which we can cover during the meeting:

– National research allocation competition (deadline November 8).

– Dedicated programming competition (deadline December 9).

– Upcoming national systems (Beluga in Quebec; available by April).

– “New” orca cluster, and plans for other legacy systems.

– Recent/upcoming upgrades to existing systems (for example, Volta GPUs being added to Graham; FPGAs).

– 2019 SHARCNET Summer School, to be held at McMaster

No tickets available.