Using Fortran’s Parallel Features

With the latest Fortran standard, the language has gained many modern features, become very different from its ancestor, leaving behind archaic ones like column-oriented formatting, common blocks and a proclivity for UPPER CASE EVERYTHING. Inherited from old FORTRAN standards and enhanced by the newer ones, Fortran is still among the top candidates for scientific computing for its strength in REAL and COMPLEX intrinsics, array processing and floating point operations. Its array handling, enhanced by index looping, makes array processing similar or identical to its counterparts, such as MATLAB, hence superior to other programming languages. The unified interface of intrinsic functions for all data types makes translating mathematical expressions to computer programmes much cleaner and easier. Lastly, the SPMD (single program, multiple data) parallelization scheme supported by the intrinsic partitioned global address space (PGAS) model since Fortran 2008 standard enables scientists and engineers to write parallel code extremely easily without using MPI or OpenMP.

In this session, we will cover the following

  • Review of the language basics and the latest standard 2018
  • Compilers and development environment
  • Data I/O
  • Useful features one should know, e.g. specifiable precision, taking command line arguments, executing system commands, timers, optional arguments in functions and subroutines
  • Array slicing and loop constructs
  • Random number generators, using libraries
  • Writing and compiling source code in multiple files
  • Calling C/C++ functions and interoperability
  • Parallel processing with coarrays and co-routines on shared and distributed memory systems made extremely simple!

The targeted audience would be physicists, mathematicians, engineers, economists and others who are using Fortran in their research. Throughout the day, the participants shall expect do hands-on exercises ranging from simple tryout examples to moderate and advanced parallel code.

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