Webinar “An Update on ADF/AMS software on Graham”

Topic: “An Update on ADF/AMS software on Graham”
Speaker: Jemmy Hu, SHARCNET
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This seminar is for all current and potential future ADF/AMS users on Graham.

AMS (Amsterdam Modeling Suite), originally named ADF (Amsterdam Density Functional), is the Software for Chemistry and Materials. The software suite offers several powerful DFT engines in calculating and predicting structure, reactivity, and spectra of molecules, and periodic systems (nanotubes, surfaces, and bulk). ADF/AMS is a commercial software available on Graham cluster for Compute Canada users.

ADF was renamed to AMS in the latest 2020 version with some significant changes including the input and output changes in its adf module. We will address some of the important changes in the latest ams/2020.102 on Graham. Since this will have direct impact on your ADF/AMS jobs on Graham and the AMS-GUI on Graham’s VDI nodes, we encourage all current ADF/AMS users to attend this seminar. 

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