Webinar “DIY Local Program Installation”

Topic: “DIY Local Program Installation”
Speaker: Doug Roberts, SHARCNET
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The situation can arise where your research requires the use of a highly specialized binary software package built with a graphical user interface. Unfortunately you discover a module for the package is not yet installed in the Compute Canada software stack and therefore set out to download, unpack and install the package into your home account. Upon attempting to start the program it immediately crashes displaying a message such as as “version GLIBC_2.18 not found”. Determined to resolve the problem on your own, you find in the Compute Canada wiki a possible solution: https://docs.computecanada.ca/wiki/Installing_software_in_your_home_directory#Installing_binary_package. The webinar picks up at this point, explains how to use the setrpaths script to patch the binaries in your program, discusses how to make use of a graphical user interface (if such is needed), and finally considers how to create a local module in your account to make it easier to use the program later.

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