Webinar “How to Use C++ Parallel Algorithms with MPI”

Topic: “How to Use C++ Parallel Algorithms in a Distributed Memory Setup (i.e. MPI)”
Speaker: Armin Sobhani, SHARCNET
Zoom link for the webinar

Last year and earlier this year, SHARCNET presented two webinars introducing C++17 parallel algorithms (first webinar; second webinar). There was an interesting frequently asked question: is it possible to use them in an MPI setup? This seminar tries to address that question. First, there will be a very short intro to C++17 parallel algorithms followed by an overview of Partitioned Global Address Space (PGAS) parallel programming model. Then, DASH C++ template library will be introduced. A live demonstration of installing and building programs with DASH concludes the webinar. You can find material presented during the live session on GitHub.

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