Webinar “Intel MPI Library Cluster Edition on Graham”

Topic: “Intel MPI Library Cluster Edition on Graham”
Speaker: Doug Roberts, SHARCNET
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Webinar link: SN-Seminars Vidyo room

In this webinar we will take a first look at using the Intel® MPI Library Cluster Edition soon to be available for general use on the Compute Canada “Graham” cluster. This multi-fabric library implements version MPI-3.1 of the Message Passing Interface specification, is thread safe and provides MPI standard compliant multi-threading support. While the Intel MPI Library may be used simply as a runtime environment (rto), the Cluster Edition includes a self-contained development kit (sdk) adding compiler commands such as mpicc, include files, static and debug libraries, and test codes. Compilation of sample programs & submission to the queue via the command line or slurm scripts will be shown along with some comparisons to OpenMPI. Lastly, a demonstration on the compilation, execution and submission of a parallel code written in Fortran (supported by the Fortran 2008 standard) without explicit MPI calls using intel MPI will be covered.

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