Webinar “Introduction to The Unix Shell – Automating Your Work”

Topic: “Introduction to The Unix Shell – Automating Your Work”
Speaker: Ge Baolai, SHARCNET
Webinar link: SN-Seminars Vidyo room

This seminar is for beginners who are new to the Unix shell. The command line based text terminal is the user interface (UI) to the Unix systems. It gives people a greater control than the Windows graphical UI over file access, manipulations and the execution of programs. It is a simple, yet powerful tool that allows people to do complex things such as storing/retrieving files from different folders by name, modifying a file, extracting lines within a certain range from a file, etc. with just a few keystrokes. Moreover the shell gives people the flexibility to combine existing programs and automate repetitive tasks so they can avoid manual, tedious operations. Use of the shell is also fundamental to using the computing resources at SHARCNET, as all the systems are running Linux and the shell is the essential user interface.

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