Webinar “Pandas Recipes for New Python Users”

Topic: “Pandas Recipes for New Python Users”
Speaker: Tyler Collins, SHARCNET
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Often programmers find themselves in need of an effective way of working with “labeled” data. In the case of Python, Pandas is the most mature and reliable package that interacts effectively with other well known packages such as NumPy, and TensorFlow. As a package, Pandas is said to provide “fast, flexible, and expressive data structures” for what is known as “labeled data”. Features include: easy handling of missing data points, grouping functionality, simple indexing, time series support, numerous conversion functions, and more. This webinar will provide a basic introduction on how to install Pandas, a discussion of its strengths and various use cases, and lastly a demonstration of various common operations (recipes) that occur with labeled data. Experience with beginner Python concepts will be expected, while familiarity with Jupyter notebooks will be helpful. Webinar material and code will be made available on GitHub for future reference. 

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