Webinar “Realtime display with Gnuplot”

Topic: “Realtime display with Gnuplot”
Speaker: Ge Baolai, SHARCNET
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In this talk we will discuss the technique for displaying output in real time with Gnuplot during number crunching and data processing. Often people might want to see the results while computing to determine if the program runs normally or to verify if the output results make sense. Many modern general purpose, popular software packages have graphic display features, allowing one to use the built-in functionality to display the output. Other packages do not have the graphic display functionality, so one would have to rely on third party packages for that. Quite often, one would need to do some coding to call the routines that perform the graphical tasks. Not only does this creates a barrier for the application users, but also makes the code less portable. We will show in this seminar how to use Gnuplot to achieve the goal of displaying output data in real time without calling external functions explicitly. The targeted audience would be those who use general purpose programming languages such as C/C++, Fortran, shell scripting etc.

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