Webinar “Strategies For Managing Filesystem Quotas”

Topic: “Strategies For Managing Filesystem Quotas”
Speaker: Doug Roberts, SHARCNET
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In this webinar filesystem quotas along with best practices for maintaining the size and quantity of files within research accounts within prescribed quota limits will be summarized. For those interested in getting a preview, detailed information on this topic is available in various Alliance wiki pages. To locate them simply go to https://docs.alliancecan.ca/ and enter quota in the top right search bar. While most commonly filesystem quotas are exceeded directly by writing too many files or too much data, there are also some less obvious indirect modes that can trigger quota troubles under project worth discussing. These include for example transferring files improperly using archival options or the situation where another member of a research group exceeds a shared project space limit thus impacting all members of the group. By the end of this presentation, it is hoped that researchers will be better equipped to troubleshoot, repair and avoid most quota issues before they occur.

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