Webinar “Video Editing with KDEnLive”

Topic: “Video Editing with KDEnLive”
Speaker: Sergey Mashchenko, SHARCNET
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Video production has become an important part of researchers workflow. Many research journals now accept videos as a supplementary material for submitted papers. It also became common to show brief video clips visualizing research results at conference talks. Finally, an increasing number of researchers produce videos showcasing their research for general public (youtube, research web sites etc.). In this webinar I will introduce you to a powerful open source non-linear video editor (NLE) KDEnLive. The editor is multi-platform (works under Windows, Mac, Linux) and can be used to produce professional quality videos with up to 4K resolution. I will walk you through basic video and audio editing steps applicable to both research and home video production. In particular, I will cover producing a video from a sequence of images; basic video editing (cutting off bad parts; transitions between video elements; fixing bad video parts); accelerating or slowing down parts of your video; combining multiple video and/or audio tracks; using images as static video segments (credits etc); using transparency (alpha channel) to add static elements to the video or to hide parts of the video; fixing audio issues (noise and/or low volume); adding subtitles to your video. Most of the webinar’s content will be delivered as a live demonstration.

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