Can I use Compute Canada resources without an allocation?

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My research program has been already evaluated and funded by a granting agency. Why is Compute Canada evaluating the science of my research program again?

All applications submitted to the Compute Canada Resource Allocation Competitions are peer-reviewed and scored. We understand that some applicants may have already undergone an evaluation through the various granting councils. It is not the goal of Compute Canada’s scientific review process to evaluate and score a PI’s complete research program...

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Do all faculty members have to submit a CCV?

No. Submitting a CCV is optional for retired faculty, Emeritus professors and Librarians. If you fall into one of these three categories and do not wish to submit a CCV, please send an email to

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I am a faculty or an adjunct faculty member and I already have a CCV on file (eg. I updated it when submitting my RAC application in the Fall). Will I have to select all CC-enabled publications again from scratch?

No. If you have already uploaded a CCV, either for a previous renewal round or for a RAC application, CCDB will “remember” your publications selected the last time you were required to submit a CCV, which means that for this renewal round you will only have to select publications that...

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What is the role of the Expert Review Committees?

The RAC Administrative Committee decides the competition policies, oversees the entire competition process and provides technical and administrative support to the Expert Review Committees. While the expert review committees determine the merit of the proposal and the appropriate resource allocation, the RAC Administrative Committee is responsible for making those allocations...

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