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Holger Hoos

Holger Hoos has developed free-to-use, state-of-the-art software that includes ParaILS: a method for parameter tuning that has been used in dozens of academic and industrial applications. [separator size=”small” center=”true” empty=”false” opaque=”false” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=””]

[dropcap style=””]T[/dropcap]he results of this research have the potential to impact Canadians by (1) helping Canadian industry gain a competitive advantage (we are working with IBM Canada to improve its CPLEX optimizer, one of the most widely used commercial optimization tools worldwide; a local IT company, Actenum, is using our automated algorithm optimization techniques); (2) facilitating better solutions of hard computational problems important to everyday life, such as the optimal allocation of resources (e.g., energy, natural resources, health services, education), scheduling and verification of hardware and software. This research would not be possible without Compute Canada infrastructure because the automated optimization of algorithm performance requires executing algorithms to be optimized many times with different parameter settings, each time solving an NP-hard problem. Our current status as the world-leading group in this area crucially depends on our use of Computer Canada infrastructure.