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Luc Beaulieu

Luc Beaulieu works in medical physics, researching algorithms for the effective distribution of doses in radiotherapy (commonly used to treat cancer). He has worked with the radiotherapy company Elekta to validate one such algorithm. [separator size=”small” center=”true” empty=”false” opaque=”false” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=””] [dropcap style=””]I[/dropcap]n the past, Monte Carlo simulations of dose deposition have demonstrated their reliability and effectiveness in improving radiotherapy and imaging diagnostic and treatment techniques. Our research group develops and uses these methods in a number of contexts. Numerical methods have one thing in common: they all use Les Geant4 numerical tools to simulate radiation-matter interactions. These methods generally involve lengthy computations that are difficult (and in some cases impossible) to perform without access to a state-of-the-art computer cluster […] Our previous work using Compute Canada’s resources resulted in numerous scientific publications and national and international presentations […] One article (“Dose to tissue medium or water cavities as surrogate for the dose to cell nuclei at brachytherapy photon energies”) was selected as a feature article for the scientific community by publisher PMB. This article was the direct result of our previous request to access Compute Canada resources and is a good example of a project (simulations of radiation-matter interactions at the cell and DNA level) that would have been impossible without Compute Canada’s resources. The research described in this request to access Compute Canada’s resources is a continuation of our projects in this area.