MAX3D: Visualization of X-ray Diffraction Patterns in 3D

[dropcap style=””]M[/dropcap]AX3D is an interactive tool designed to read a series of 2D diffraction images and provide a visualization of a solid volume of reciprocal space (the Fourier space of a crystal lattice). It was co-developed by James Britten and Hilary Jenkins from the Analytical X-ray Diffraction Facility at McMaster University and Weiguang Guan from SHARCNET/McMaster and is now an official SHARCNET project. MAX3D was written in C++ using VTK classes for volume rendering on GPU cards and sphere/slice views, and Qt for GUI. MAX3D has been used to monitor phase transitions in materials ranging from thin films to proteins.   This visualization was developed by Weiguang Guan (McMaster).