The federated research data repository is now in full production

Portage’s Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR) has officially launched into full production! Full production offers many new features and benefits:

  • Publish research data in a Canadian-owned, bilingual national repository option
  • 1 TB of repository storage available to all faculty members at Canadian post-secondary institutions – more storage may be available upon request
  • Secure repository storage, distributed geographically across multiple Compute Canada Federation hosting sites
  • Data curation support provided by Portage
  • Ability to work with multiple collaborators on a single submission 
  • Your data will be discoverable alongside other Canadian collections in the FRDR Discovery Portal

FRDR is designed to address a longstanding gap in Canada’s research infrastructure by providing researchers with a robust repository option into which large research datasets can be ingested, curated, processed for preservation, discovered, cited, and shared. 

The FRDR Discovery Portal enables discovery of and access to Canadian research data, while FRDR’s repository services will help researchers store and manage their data, preserve their research for future use, and comply with institutional and funding agency data management requirements.

FRDR is made possible through a collaboration between Portage, the Compute Canada Federation and the Canadian Association of Research Libraries, with development and infrastructure support from the University of SaskatchewanSimon Fraser University, the University of Waterloo, and the University of Toronto.

Several Portage Expert and Working Groups have contributed to FRDR’s development, including the FRDR Policy Working Group, the FRDR User Experience and Training Working Group, the FRDR Discovery Service Working Group, the FAST & the FRDR Working Group, and the Data Repositories Expert Group. The FRDR Steering Committee has been instrumental in providing direction and governance for FRDR from inception to full production. 

More information about FRDR and its partners can be found at the FRDR website.

Portage is offering webinars on FRDR to help researchers, faculty, librarians, and others learn how to use the platform for data sharing, deposit, and discovery. See the announcement for more details.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about FRDR, please contact the FRDR support team.

Funding in support of the Portage Network’s stewardship of research data within Canada is administered through the New Digital Research Infrastructure Organization (NDRIO).